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Posted on May 20, 2011 by Ryan Campbell 0

Don’t waffle: It’s time to review your mid-year Marketing roadmaps

As we close-in on the midway point of 2011, we are getting the opportunity to sit down with most of our clients and review the status of their Marketing roadmaps that we helped outline at the close of 2010. It’s always our hope that everything we planned to accomplish is on track and coming to fruition. As Marketeers, however, we all know that is rarely the case 100% of the time.

This has been a truly unique Marketing year for our clients. Two recent themes struck me as appropriate to contemplate at this mid-way point as we conduct some analysis into what has stuck – or not – in our client Marketing roadmaps.

Creativity takes courage

You’ve probably heard this quote that many in our industry have used before. I recently heard it used in a video presentation by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson discussing the challenges and eventual well-earned success the designers of some high-profile architecture in his city had faced during the design and building process. It was a good reminder for us on the agency side, in that as hard as criticism can be, we need to stick to our plans and our creative instincts to keep clients challenging themselves and their organizations. We will never face the same level of scrutiny and pressure that internal employees face in their decisions and program repercussions, so we understand how easy it might be to back down to naysayers and mitigate your risks. But to use another well-known quote: High risk, high reward. Creativity takes courage.

Marketing takes staying power
Obviously at the mid-way point of anything, its easy to use excuses or peer pressure to waffle in new directions and fall off course. Staying power is critical to any Marketing initiative, be it large or small. Too often, clients feel as if the hard work has been completed when a new brand or campaign is launched.  If the world of online and digital has taught us anything, it’s that everything is a work in progress. Sticking to the original plan and committing to treat all phases of an initiative with equal importance is the only way to reach results that are extraordinary and not just average.

We love what we do here at PureMatter for ourselves and our clients, and hopefully your mid-year review is as rewarding as all of ours will be. Make sure it’s serious, but have fun!

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