Right Brain vs. Left Brain: Schizophrenic Marketing Unplugged

The age-old right brain vs. left brain, a common theory of the structure and functions of our mind suggests that the two different sides of the brain control two different “modes” of thinking. It also suggests that each of us prefers one mode over the other.  But in today’s world, we’re being requested, or even required, to use both in order to be successful marketers. It’s Mad Men vs. Mad Marketing, in an automated world.

At the end of the …

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Bryan Kramer

Posted on August 22, 2011 by Bryan Kramer


Inspire conversation and influence what they talk about

This is a bit nebulous but certainly is one of my favorite topics – inspiration. After all, isn’t that what we do every day as we build brands and create messaging that moves people to act? Being able to inspire someone, even one person, is truly a gift.

Inspire conversation and influence what they talk about.

It sounds so simple, but in reality is one of the hardest things to do in our profession. To inspire someone means that you …

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Courtney Smith

Posted on January 12, 2008 by Courtney Smith