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IBM: Connecting with Generation C [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’re excited to have created this Infographic for IBM’s EMM (The “Market” agenda in their Smarter Commerce Initiative) to help visually explain “Generation C: The Connected Customer”. Please share this, Pin it, Tweet it, and talk about it – then visit the full campaign site to learn more about how Marketers are connecting with Generation C in this complex, consumer-driven social world.

Here’s the description copy:

Who is Generation C? Today’s connected customer. Generation C isn’t a demographic, it describes

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Bryan Kramer

Posted on June 27, 2012 by Bryan Kramer


The Gen C Meteor has landed. Now what’s the impact?

Nielsen wire recently posted a very interesting article on the Generation C (Gen C) segment (teens and 20-somethings).  The article provides further psychographic details and some interesting perspectives for creating content that will resonate best for this connected audience.

As a Marketing firm, segmentation perspectives such as these are very interesting as we engage different clients at varying levels from product innovation to marketing campaigns.

This Generation C article got us looking at some of our clients’ strategic planning through …

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Ryan Campbell

Posted on April 28, 2011 by Ryan Campbell