01. Social Buzz

Listen. Engage. Measure. Catalyze your social influence. According to IBM’s global CMO study, the most proactive CMOs are trying to understand individuals as well as markets. This agenda translates directly into social media, which, to enterprise companies, can be overwhelming and unknown territory to manage.

Are your social media strategies influencing or converting sales? Are they engaging your customers and adding new ones side-by-side? Between Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, digg, Yelp, Pinterest, Slideshare and hundreds more – is it worth my marketing investment?

You bet. Companies that were deeply and broadly engaged in social media last year recognized an 18% growth in revenue*. Our expertise in understanding social media is generating buzz – plus, we do it for ourselves, check out the impressive list of followers of our president @bryankramer. Contact us to get started.

Social Mic

02. Social Media Services

To us, social media is not a tactic. It’s a practice and way of operating that requires a long-term commitment to truly be successful. Social media is about sharing your authentic voice in a two-way open conversation, and if your business isn’t committed and passionate about its social media strategy and activities, your customers won’t engage.

No two clients are the same. Audiences are diverse. Tone is varied. Business objectives are unique. We understand where each client resides in their social media practice and where we can interject our expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our social media services:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Community Management
  • Custom Facebook creative and integration
  • Multichannel campaign integration
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Radian6 Authorized Reseller

03. Social Strategy

It’s about authenticity. A successful social media strategy consists of three phases: planning, building, and maintaining.


Setting a plan for

  • Define vision
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Tracking & Measurement
  • Team Governance
  • Promotion plan
  • Engagement plan
  • Calendars
  • Evaluation of Saas tools
  • Individual property roll-out plans


Creating the relevant
and rewarding

  • Content distribution architecture
  • Crafting content
  • Individual property pages
  • Application set-up
  • Deploy
  • Campaign elements


Engagement builds the
presence, optimization
improves the plan

  • Ongoing management
  • Measurement
  • Engagement
  • Program growth
  • Plan optimization