Marketers, rejoice!

You don’t have to choose between content marketing and influencer marketing. Rather, the combined power of content marketing and influencers can lead to massive outcomes for brands big or small. Content marketing can provide great value to an audience, but without strategic insight into who the audience is and what they care about, much of the content goes unnoticed and thus, is ineffective.

Think of one of your favorite brands on social media and the amount of content they pump out on your newsfeeds – it’s overwhelming, right? With all the content clutter, the average consumer won’t notice content pushed by anyone except influencers or brands that are relevant to them. Working with relevant citizen influencers for your brand ensures that all the hard work marketers put into content creation will get noticed as well as drive engagement.

Here are a few strategies to power your content and influencer campaigns:

Content Creation to the RIGHT Audience

Content Creation to the RIGHT Audience Click To Tweet

It might seem obvious, but marketers can forget to look towards the best sources for creating new content: influencers! The influencers you want supporting your brand have the audience your brand is targeting. Since these influencers have already discovered what the target audience wants and developed an image that resonates with that audience, look towards the influencers for insight.

  • How do they engage with the audience?
  • What type of content gets more engagement?

These kind of insights will make your content better suited for the target audience and thus, put your brand at a greater advantage over the competition.

Content & Audience Testing

Organic engagement with influencers gives marketers a chance to test their content strategy and to see what resonates. By sharing targeted pieces of content through social media to targeted influencer audiences, it gives your brand the opportunity to see how the audience will engage. Your brand can also learn how to personalize its content to audiences within your target audience. This is a chance to examine what works and what doesn’t before a larger audience is exposed to your brand’s messaging, saving your brand a lot of time and effort in the future.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Content is nothing without strategic promotion Click To Tweet

Content is nothing without strategic promotion and there’s no better way than working with influencers to do just that. Whether your brand is widely-known and established or not, an influencer’s reach and relevancy is instrumental in driving awareness and engagement with your brand. Consumers are constantly asked by brands to buy their products through television, billboards, radio advertisements, social media, and online ads. Consumers drown out these promotions after a while, tired of having to discern what is authentic. Thus relying on influencers to discern for them as trusted experts in the field of interest.

It can be a little daunting for any marketer when changing their strategy or implementing new tactics. With the right influencers, though, the path to reaching your most relevant audiences will seem less challenging and provide your brand with more opportunities to share its content.


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Hillary Settle

Hillary Byers Settle is the Director of Marketing at Insightpool, The Influencer Marketing Platform, leveraging social media data to identify relevant influencers and build authentic relationships with the world’s most innovative brands. She is a digital marketing buff, vintage enthusiast, ultimate fashion junkie, and enjoys building new relationships on social.

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