Bryan Kramer

Posted on November 06, 2010 by Bryan Kramer 1

PureMatter helps launch the ecollective initiative, a new electronics recycling program for Californians to take it back for good

10/13/10 (San Jose, CA) Consumers and businesses need an easy and convenient way to recycle their obsolete and unwanted electronics. As of October 1 and thanks to our client, ECS Refining, Californians now have a convenient, safe and free way to recycle this e-waste, by turning to ecollective, a statewide network of drop-off locations that accept old TVs, monitors, computers, cell phones and other electronics — for free.

The e-waste issue is huge
E-waste is a growing global problem that requires dependable, local solutions. It is estimated that the world generates almost 12 pounds for every man, woman and child on the planet. The Environmental Protection Agency has just added the disposal of e-waste to a list of the agency’s top four environmental priorities, alongside issues such as climate change, air quality and access to clean water.

What can I take back?
The ecollective program is designed to take back most kinds of unwanted and obsolete electronics. If it plugs into the wall and you use it to communicate, gather information, store data, or enjoy media and entertainment, it’s able to be taken back for good by your local ecollective location.

To find your nearest e-waste drop-off location, watch the video and to learn more about the initiative, visit

  • Gary Veselka

    This is great to see the Silicon Valley taking charge of the e-waste from the “heart” of Silicon Valley.